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The Technology
Basic Aspects
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Peptide Resistance to Plant Pathogens
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Bacterial/ Fungal Plant Pathogens Peptidyl MIMs Effective Against
 Fungal Pathogens
Bacterial Pathogens
Venturia pirnini
Fabrea maculate Atk (leaf spot)  
Hypoxylon manumatum
Cronartium ribicola   
Ophiostoma ulmi  
Verticillium dahliae   
Fusarium verticilliodes 
Aspergillus flavus 
Nectria gallilgen      
Gremmeniella abietina                                  
Thielaviopsos basicola (black root rot
in cotton)
Erwinia amylovoa (fire blight)
Pseudomonas syringae (blossom blight)
Xanthomonas populi pv populi
Agrobacterium tumefaciens
Pseudomonas solanacear
aka Huanglongbing                                       
citrus canker
Peptidyl MIMs also have proven effective against sporozites of five different species  of Eimeria infecting chickens, and merozites of two different species that infect chickens. Data strongly suggests that Peptidyl MIMs may be useful in controlling coccidiosis in poultry. They also have shown great promise against many other human pathogens such as Trypanosoma cruzi Amasstigotes (Chagas disease), Cystic Fibrosis, different types of sexual transmitted diseases, as well as being cyotoxic to cancer cells.
Other Aspects
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