AgroMed LLC - Science In the Service of Man
Our Mission
AgroMed LLC is a privately held company engaged in biotechnology, specializing in the design of Peptidyl MIMs (Membrane Interactive Molecules) for use in food, feed and  fiber crops as well as in other plants. Peptidyl MIMs are designed for use in the development of transgenic plants that provide enhanced resistance against various bacterial and fungal plant pathogens. Other Artificial Plant Storage Proteins produced by AgroMed are designed to enhance the nutritional content of food crops, each tailored  to provide for the essential amino acid (EAA) content required specifically by humans and other animal groups. AgroMed holds the patent rights to a broad library of such Peptidyl MIMs and Artificial Plant Storage Proteins
Services Available
Design of Peptidyl MIMs to meet particular pathogen threats
Production of AgroMed Peptidyl MIMs of interest for In Vitro Testing
In Vitro testing of Peptidyl MIMs against pathogens of interest
Peptidyl MIM genes that provide high levels of  disease resistant
Artificial Plant Storage Proteins designed containing whatever composition of Essential Amino Acids (EAA) desired
Peptidyl MIMs available for testing lethal impact against various plant pests
Peptidyl MIMs for "non-human" animal topical application of wounds or burns and against bacterial and fungal pathogens
"We're Small, But We Do Big and Important Things!"